New workshop and warehouse

In the last few months a lot has happened and much work has been done. The new warehouse has been built and is now being prepared with a first floor to accommodate all the NOS (new old stock), used, new and refurbished parts. Also there will be a fully functional workshop with a car lift.

We will show you more pictures when the construction is finished.

FraBuClassic 16″ CX Turbo wheels – UPDATE

CXM du NORD is official dealer of these beautiful machined wheels.

The new production of the rims will be available from mid-April 2024 !

New set-price EU-countries €1768,23 including 21% VAT.
New set-price non-EU countries €1461,34 without VAT.

A set consists of:
4x ….. 16″ rim
20x .. wheel bolt
1x ….. small pot of special wax
1x ….. official TüV papers

Shipping costs in The Netherlands are €65, for foreign countries please ask a quote.

In stock: Citroën XM Ph1/2 refurbished Top Strut Mounts

Now in stock: all versions of the Citroën XM Phase1 and Phase2 refurbished and also reinforced strut mounts. (renewed but better than new!)

Common failure of the original strut mount is that the 20-30 year old rubber lets go and breaks / shears off. The mount is then violently pushed into the bonnet.

Strut mount fail… 

When you see signs that your strut mount is going up and the gap increases then you need to replace the strut mount.

Look in the webshop for your version. Be sure to order the right one. 

There are four versions in both left and right:

  • non-Hydractive, small top hole
  • non-Hydractive, large top hole
  • Hydractive, small top hole
  • Hydractive, large top hole

Citroën XM Strut mount / Veerschotel / Domlager / Dome de suspension

ET-nr.ModelSideSuspensionLHM pipeNut size
5271A3XM Y3+Y4left / links / gauchenon-Hydractive3.5 mmM16
5271A5XM Y3+Y4right / rechts / droitenon-Hydractive3.5 mmM16
5271A2XM Y4left / links / gauchenon-Hydractive3.5 mmM18
5271A4XM Y4right / rechts / droitenon-Hydractive3.5 mmM18
527190XM Y3+Y4left / links / gaucheHydractive10 mmM16
527191XM Y3+Y4right / rechts / droiteHydractive 10 mmM16
527188XM Y4left / links / gaucheHydractive10 mmM18
527189XM Y4right / rechts / droiteHydractive10 mmM18

The struts are sold in an exchange system. You pay €80 a piece extra as a deposit which will be transferred back to you as soon as the old parts return. If you send them in advance there is no deposit and also the least chance of ordering the wrong parts.

Xantia strut mounts can also be refurbished but are not yet in stock. They need to be send to us first and will then be refurbished and send back to you within two weeks. 

Citroën Xantia Strut mount / Veerschotel / Domlager / Dome de suspension

ET-nr.ModelSideSuspensionLHM pipeNut size
5271E1Xaleft / links / gauchenon-Hydractive3.5 mm M8 
5271E4 Xa right / rechts / droitenon-Hydractive 3.5 mm M8 
5271F5 Xa left / links / gauchenon-Hydractive 3.5 mm M11 
5271F6 Xa right / rechts / droitenon-Hydractive 3.5 mm M11 
5271E2 5271F0Xaleft / links / gaucheHydractive10 mm M17 
5271E5 5271F1 Xaright / rechts / droiteHydractive 10 mm M17 
5271E3 5271F2Xa V6left / links / gauche   
5271E6 5271F3 Xa V6right / rechts / droite   

Bonjour Citroën CX and XM fans !

Welcome to the new website of CXM du NORD.

Here you can find out all about the Michelin TRX tires, used new and replacement parts for Citroën CX & XM, special ‘voitures’ for sale and our latest restoration projects.

If you would like to buy or sell a car abroad we also do car transportation from France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium the U.K. and of course the Netherlands.

Have a look around and tell us what more you would like to see.


Theo Kerger
Owner of CXM du NORD