Wheel restoration

You need a new set of wheels? Your old set can also look like new again, stock appearance or with a new attitude.

Here you can see what can be done with a set of P38 rims that a lot of people say are ugly.


Before restoration:


After an acid bath to remove the old lacker:


After media blasting and repairing with just a little bondo for filling up corrosion or curb damage:


Powder coated in primer:




And then powder coated in wrinkle black:



Fitted with a tire:


Mounted on the car again, finishing of with a complementing new center cap:



Prices vary due to the amount of work that gets into the restoration, the type of powder coat and the amount of layers the rims get. A complete set of 16″ rims looking like stock again in one color with little or no extra work will start from around €330 including VAT and can get upwards of €500 for elaborate projects.

Please come by with your rims for a quote.